Kenny’s expanded to include the production of
popcorn & drizzled popcorn in 2013.

Every kernel of popcorn that leaves our facility starts by being popped in small batch kettles.

After sifting out any unpopped kernels, its decision time: Seasoned or Drizzled?


Most of our popcorn ends up here, up to 13.4MM pounds to be exact, ready to be drizzled with some sweet chocolatey goodness! Each batch can be drizzled with up to 2 drizzles of chocolate or chocolate flavored coatings.

To top it off (quite literally), sprinkles, crushed candies, or other toppings can be added for a pop of color, flavor or crunch!


Whether your consumer craves the more traditional or they’re on the hunt for the newest trend, we can help you identify the perfect flavors for your line.

Our full-service R&D team can match existing flavor profiles, develop entirely new flavor concepts or, help you choose from some of our favorites below!

• White Cheddar • Cheddar • Movie Theater Butter • Maple Bacon Ranch
• Hatch Chili • Honey Sriracha • Thai Basil • Cheddar Jalapeno • Chocolate


In addition to producing high quality, on-trend popcorns, Kenny’s Candy &
Confections also offers the ability to work with easily identifiable label icons.


What Next?

Let’s talk pop! Popcorn that is!

If now is the right time to connect on your project, our team is eager to hear from you!

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