Our growth has changed a lot of things,

but not our core beliefs

Our 5 Core Beliefs

We honor the legacy of our founders

Tuffy and Kenny Nelson set the standard for a successful family business based on unwavering commitment to quality, a stubborn work ethic, and relationships grounded in trust and integrity. We strive to honor our past even as we look to new possibilities and an exciting future for Kenny’s Candy & Confections and all of KLN Family Brands.

We are a proud, people-first company

We never forget that our business begins and ends with people. From our kitchens to your shelves, it’s people and their families that matter. We believe that if you take care of the people, the rest will take care of itself.

We live and breathe excellence in food manufacturing

In the food business, quality and safety are two sides of the same coin. We take pride in consistently producing the highest quality products, and our A+ safety record. Excellence isn’t easy, but anything less isn’t an option.

We bring creativity and determination
to solving problems that matter

Some problems are so big that it’s easier to ignore them. That’s not our way. For all the team players on the production floor, we work to make each day more fun and fulfilling than the last.

We blend passion and compassion to make a difference

Our founders believed that good fortune should be repaid where and when it is needed. For 70 years we have fostered a company culture of compassionate giving, community volunteerism, and support for worthy causes. That’s never going to change.

Our Story

Kenny Nelson

Born from a love of all things sweet,

Nelson added Kenny’s Candy & Confections to the KLN Family Brands umbrella in 1987. His goal? To make a better tasting, better chewing licorice than anyone else.

With big dreams in hand, the Kenny’s Candy & Confections team set off across the globe to learn from the best candy manufacturers, honing our skills, and purchasing the equipment we’d need to set up shop in our small hometown of Perham, MN.

The commitment to
providing the highest
quality products

That trip would become the first of many learning expeditions. As we’ve added additional capabilities, the commitment to providing the highest quality products brought us back to Germany, down to Texas, and across the rest of the USA, learning all that we could about the industries we live in.

But no matter how far our travels take us, we always end up right back here in Perham. Kenny’s small-town values and love of his community are what keep us anchored here – because he knew, even from the very beginning, that this community and these employees were the real success.

This community and
these employees
were the real success

And after 35 years, while we’re proud of our growth and the national success of our popular candy & snack brands, we’re even more proud of our continued commitment to the people and communities on which our success depends.

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